father's day

Praise for Father’s Day

"... as good a description of paternal love as you’ll ever read and reason enough to pick up this book for the father or son in your life."

- Associated Press

"Riveting . . . Impossible to put down."

- New York Times

"Gorgeous and brutally honest . . . As much as this is a book for parents, who know well the crushing vulnerabilities of the job, it is also a story for grown children who understand what it means to love an imperfect parent. Would that we were all as forgiving as Zach. Grade: A"

- Entertainment Weekly

"A fiercely honest memoir about the complex hard drive of a son's brain and the balky software of a father's heart. Though his story is singular, Bissinger makes it feel like part of that eternal saga — fathers and sons trying to connect."

- J.R. Moehringer, author of The Tender Bar

“A really good book, no matter what its genre, delivers a level of humanity that is both breathtaking and elemental. In Father’s Day, Buzz Bissinger has delivered such a work . . . By telling his own story, Bissinger has given voice to parents of special-needs children everywhere. Moreover, he has given everyone a story of hope, humor and humanity.”

- Houston Chronicle

"I loved this unflinching, heartbreaking, and ultimately triumphant tale of disability and difference, and what it means to be a father, a son, and a man."

- Jennifer Weiner, New York Times-bestselling author of Then Came You and Fly Away Home

"Moving and unflinchingly honest. Bissinger describes his impatience with his son Zach's repetitive routines and his own frustration with his inability to make his son understand certain things. By being so open about his own struggles as a father, Bissinger turns our eye back toward ourselves, prompting, perhaps, a similar honesty in our own self-reflections. Although its subject matter is vastly different from that of the popular Friday Night Lights, readers of that book will note the same keen eye for character and emotion here."

- Booklist

"This brave and beautiful memoir gets at the core of what it means to be a parent — how painful it can be, how scary it can get, and how rewarding it is. By facing a challenge that would try any of us, and beat many of us, Bissinger emerges a better man. He not only finds his son, but himself, and the reader finds something, too. After reading Fathers Day, I've rethought my assumptions about what makes a successful and worthy life. Ultimately, this is a mesmerizing story about how we can all be better."

- David Sheff, New York Times-bestselling author of Beautiful Boy

“Bissinger may not seem like a likely candidate to pen a tender memoir—but he has.”

- People

"A great book."

- San Francisco Chronicle

“[Bissinger’s] greatest accomplishment to date is sharing with the world the inner life of his son Zach . . . The feel-good moments here are rarely sappy or sentimentalized, and it’s not giving anything away to tell you that there’s no trite happy ending here. What we get instead is something far more beautiful and substantial. We get to know Zach — and ourselves. Every high school in America should add this memoir to its curriculum. Father’s Day implores us not only to open our hearts to the mentally challenged people around us, because that goes without saying. It also asks us to take the time to learn what every living soul has to teach us — even the ones who don’t fully understand their own gifts. In gaining a new appreciation for his son’s unique voice and by sharing it with such intimacy and compassion, Bissinger has done himself, his family, and his readers a tremendous service.”

- Philadelphia Inquirer

“Visceral, arresting, and frank.”

- O Magazine

“A testament to his searing love for his disabled son.”

- Boston Globe

“A raw, intimate memoir that holds nothing back . . . Achingly tender.”

- Seattle Times

"Every father of a special needs child should read this very insightful book."

- Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures and Animals in Translation


- Kirkus Reviews

"Buzz Bissinger has given completely of himself in this moving book about his son, Zach, who was born too small, too soon. There is the father's disappointment and guilt, his confusion and frustration, his wonder and love. That Zach has a twin brother, who grew up unscathed, and that Zach's mind is as divided as his father's emotions, makes the story all that more compelling. Father's Day is wonderfully, achingly written, with all the doubt that tells you how truthful it is."

- Frank Deford, author of The Old Ball Game and The Entitled

"Wrenchingly honest"

- Publisher's Weekly

“Bruising yet tender.”

- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"Buzz Bissinger's Father's Day is the story of a road trip like no other. Searing and heart-felt, this is not just an unforgettable portrait of a father and his son; it is a love story that speaks to the mystery, pain, and exhilaration of being human."

- Nathaniel Philbrick, National Book Award-winning author of Mayflower and The Last Stand